Sunday, August 4, 2013

Milestones Galore!


July has come and gone.  I am flying by the seat of my pants!  Seriously!  

As I'm typing this, I am just now realizing it is time for a Currently! 

 (Confession: Ever since my google reader disappeared on my phone, it has been impossible to blog stalk.  Bloglovin just isn't cuttin it....shhhh....don't tell anyone I just said that!)

I haven't been feeling inspired to share anything with you recently.  My therapist tells me this is absolutely normal.  "Writer's block" They call it.  

My husband talked me into just writing SOMETHING.  

He says if I don't write, I'll loose you.  

I didn't think that was the case because we are practically best friends.  

Besties don't just walk out when the room gets quiet.  Right?

You're still here, aren't you?


Here's what I have been up to. 

 If you follow me on instagram, some of these photos might look familiar.

Mid July I was able to get into my new classroom and start unpacking the boxes.  

Needless to say, it was a MESS!

I worked really hard for two weeks and look what happened:

There is a lot to do before Meet the Teacher on Thursday (YIKES!) but I am feeling good about it.

In between moving classrooms, the hubby and I celebrated our three year anniversary with a minivacation, I co-hosted a bachelorette party, and was a bridesmaid in my good friend's wedding!

It was been a busy August, and it's only the fourth day of the month!

I am excited to post some new ideas for Second Grade.  

I hope you are looking forward to hearing more from me (sometimes you just need the encouragement you know?)

We start school next Tuesday, Aug 13.

When do you go back?

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