Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Currently Back to School! 

I know that we usually begin our currently posts with "how'd another month go by?" And "who stole July?"

But seriously!

Summer called. It wants you back.

I am currently listening to the Magnolia Soundtrack.  Good stuff.

I am currently loving marriage.  I just went to a friend's wedding, which reminds me of my own wedding.  I have an awesome husband who calms me down when I am feeling so overwhelmed (ahem) with school.

I am currently thinking of my new students.  They will be a part of my life very soon.  I hope there is enough love in my heart....last years kiddos might have stole it all away :)

I am currently wanting a bit more summer so that I feel prepared to start the school year.  

I am currently needing a personal assistant.  Feeling behind and school hasn't even started yet!

Back to school must haves: 
(I have yet to find curtains to cover my huge metal shelf or my window. Last year I made curtains on my sewing machine...but this year I know I don't have that kind of time!)

- Plastic Containers
(I have a lot of organizing to do.)

- Coffee
(It's hard to break the pattern of sleeping in.)

Back to we come!

Does anyone have any words of wisdom for a girl heading to staff development tomorrow?

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A Post to Remember

Dear After Spring Break Me,

     As you begin to lose your sanity and gain one more year of teaching experience, remember this post.  

Keep hope, take care of yourself, and "treat yo'self."

    Yesterday was the first day back after winter break.  Although I was not mentally prepared, I went about the normal day just fine.  Right after our help! I'm trapped inside my classroom with hyper eight year olds inside recess, we lost all control.

By lost all control, I mean we could no longer keep our mouths from talking or keep our hands from playing with our shoelaces, dirt/hair on the floor, or whatever else we could get our hands on.

At the end of the day, I was thinking: "Well, I had two weeks of rest.  If it weren't for those two weeks of sleeping in, I would be SPENT today!"

and also, 

"How will I ever make it to the end of the school year?"

and lastly, 

"Why can't we have a two week spring break?"

After talking with my partner teacher, I went home yesterday and put my thinking cap on.

I didn't look on pinterest.

I didn't surf the teacher blogs.

I didn't search on TPT.

I didn't read a teacher's textbook.

I used my noggin. 

I thought to myself, "How can I make it through tomorrow and give my students what they need from their teacher?"

and here's what I came up with:

Get into it and expect things to get crazy.


I woke up with that in mind and had a fantastic day.

Throughout the day, I was consciously "getting into it" as far as management goes.  

I caught ALL of my students doing something good.

I am happy to say that all of my students ended the day above green on our color chart.

And when they weren't doing good things, I didn't freak out.  

I just went with it and provided them with consequences.  

After all, they are children learning how to make mistakes.  

Sometimes I just need to hear those words and deal with it.  Yes, they are going to be mean, ugly, and downright disrespectful.  

They are human.  

They are a product of their environment and this world is broken.

My job as their teacher is not to make them perfect human beings.

Repeat.  Do not try to make them act perfectly!

My job is to help them grow and learn.

Treat them as children, not mini adults.


Stay calm and pretend it's on the lesson plans.

Yours truly,

The Frizz

PS What you turn into a big deal, your students will turn into a big deal.  
So pick your battles and praise their victories. 

PSS If this teaching thing doesn't pan out, you can always make it big as an animal balloonist.
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Currently Frozen

I'm going to make this quick since I'm SIX days late!

It's freezing here in Texas!  Talk about arctic freeze!

I loved going to work today because I was well rested and had the energy to deal with certain unnamed behaviors.  I need to remember this when I am at my wits end come Spring Break......

It's bone-chillin cold with no snow.  
No fun at all!

I have been in the organizing mood lately....closets, filing cabinets, centers, you name it and I want to organize it.

I need a birthday massage on Wednesday.  
I mean, if you don't get a massage on your birthday when can you?

This Christmas Break, the husband and I spend our time running and walking the trails of a local park.  

Gotta get to bed.  It was the first day back and I didn't fall asleep until after midnight last night.  
This teacher is in deep need of deep sleep.

Cheers to 2014.  
May my currently's continue.
Short and sweet and six days late.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

13 in '13

It's never to late to join a party, right?

Here's a recap of my frizzy year!

My Levi Corduroy Blue Skinny Jeans that matched one of my stylish students last year!


Wait. I take it back.

My husband made me watch this one and it has turned out to be my favorite movie.  

I can not even handle this TV show.

I watched seasons 1-4 over Spring Break this year on netflix and counted down the days for season five to premier on TV.

Let me tell you.  Watching a tv show on the actual television each week is TORTURE!  

Netflix has changed tv forever. 

I would much rather binge on a tv show, fall in love with the characters and plot, and then move on with my life.


Vegetarian burrito bowl.

Did you know if you order the vegi, they don't charge you extra for the guacamole?

Teaching 2nd grade.

2nd grade rocks!

My favorite part about this gift is that my husband remembered I had mentioned wanted a few stemless wine glasses!  

(he WAS listening!)

This must be what happens as soon as I finish explaining directions!

Seriously.  Every time.

Click the picture to read about my very first freebie I posted on TPT.

Switching grade levels.

I know teachers every where do it every year, but I think it should be recognized.  

If you switch grade levels, you deserve a medal.

And a cookie.

And a glass of wine in my fancy new wine glass.

oh wait.

Here's me with one of my (too) many car loads moving my teaching supplies back to my new/old school.

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Displaying photo.jpg

I just realized I have accomplished something this year (switching grade levels was just my gimme answer)

I made this with my two hands.

Displaying photo.jpg

It's a baby blanket for my niece that has yet to be born.

This is my happy place.

So many.

It's hard to pick just one.

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Spending the summer by the pool with my sisters and their doggies.

Displaying photo.jpg

I was honored to participate in my friend's wedding festivities.

I spent a weekend with the girls and made some memories that will never be forgotten.

Displaying photo.jpg

My (pregnant) sister signed up my entire family to run a 5k.  

I am very thankful for the memory (and great photos).

Displaying photo.jpg

I was blessed to spend some time learning and laughing with this girl!  I can't wait to do more of it!

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Spending a long weekend in San Antonio celebrating our 3rd anniversary.  

I love exploring life with this one!

....That would be fantastic!!!!!

But seriously.

My goal for 2014 is to keep calm.  

I tend to dramatize things, freak out, and get anxious about the silliest things.

My goal for 2014 is to keep calm.


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