Thursday, January 2, 2014

13 in '13

It's never to late to join a party, right?

Here's a recap of my frizzy year!

My Levi Corduroy Blue Skinny Jeans that matched one of my stylish students last year!


Wait. I take it back.

My husband made me watch this one and it has turned out to be my favorite movie.  

I can not even handle this TV show.

I watched seasons 1-4 over Spring Break this year on netflix and counted down the days for season five to premier on TV.

Let me tell you.  Watching a tv show on the actual television each week is TORTURE!  

Netflix has changed tv forever. 

I would much rather binge on a tv show, fall in love with the characters and plot, and then move on with my life.


Vegetarian burrito bowl.

Did you know if you order the vegi, they don't charge you extra for the guacamole?

Teaching 2nd grade.

2nd grade rocks!

My favorite part about this gift is that my husband remembered I had mentioned wanted a few stemless wine glasses!  

(he WAS listening!)

This must be what happens as soon as I finish explaining directions!

Seriously.  Every time.

Click the picture to read about my very first freebie I posted on TPT.

Switching grade levels.

I know teachers every where do it every year, but I think it should be recognized.  

If you switch grade levels, you deserve a medal.

And a cookie.

And a glass of wine in my fancy new wine glass.

oh wait.

Here's me with one of my (too) many car loads moving my teaching supplies back to my new/old school.

Displaying photo.jpg

Displaying photo.jpg

I just realized I have accomplished something this year (switching grade levels was just my gimme answer)

I made this with my two hands.

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It's a baby blanket for my niece that has yet to be born.

This is my happy place.

So many.

It's hard to pick just one.

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Spending the summer by the pool with my sisters and their doggies.

Displaying photo.jpg

I was honored to participate in my friend's wedding festivities.

I spent a weekend with the girls and made some memories that will never be forgotten.

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My (pregnant) sister signed up my entire family to run a 5k.  

I am very thankful for the memory (and great photos).

Displaying photo.jpg

I was blessed to spend some time learning and laughing with this girl!  I can't wait to do more of it!

Displaying photo.jpg
Spending a long weekend in San Antonio celebrating our 3rd anniversary.  

I love exploring life with this one!

....That would be fantastic!!!!!

But seriously.

My goal for 2014 is to keep calm.  

I tend to dramatize things, freak out, and get anxious about the silliest things.

My goal for 2014 is to keep calm.


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