Saturday, March 1, 2014

Currently ON TIME!


I am here!  

Everybody say "Hey!" 

Say "Ohh."

Do you know what it's like to join a party late? 

When you open the door and everybody yells, "Hey!" as they greet you with a friendly smile.

You, as the late guest, usually feel a mixed emotion of excitement (that you are here to party) and guilt (that it took you so long to get here).

Well, today- like most months- I am at the Currently party.

Only, this time, I am the one AT THE PARTY yelling "Hey!"

I'm finally on the other side of the door, welcoming in the late comers!  

And, boy, is this more fun!

Today, I enjoyed a yoga class outside at the local farmer's market.

It was wonderful.  They meet down by the river.  
The wind was rustling and tussling the trees.
It was a beautiful experience.

This week, I took a mental health day to spend with my baby niece.  
Can I just say, I am ready for summer?

I want to spend every possible moment with that cutie!  
She is precious.
I love her so much, and she's only 3 weeks old.

My answer is Disneyworld and the Florida sand.

Anyone have a guess at my question?

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