Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently September

Man o man!

August has come and gone.

September is before us!

My students know me.  I know them.  And we can finally get this show on the road.

We are starting rotations this week!!!

Listening:  I started a yoga group for teachers after school and am on the lookout for good music.  Anyone know of a great playlist?  

Loving: It's Labor Day weekend!  

Here's what I've been up to today:

Thinking: I just started a book club, and we are currently reading The Giver.  Anyone else out there love this book?  I can't wait to meet and discuss it.  And watch the movie.

Wanting: Fall. Please. Come. To. Texas.  Sincerely, the sweaty girl with frizzy hair

Needing:  I need to catch up on all my yearly doctor appointments.  Eye doctor.  Dentist.  Lady Doctor. Fun.

3 Trips: 
Australia - my husband's family is from here and I would love to go see where he was born!
East Coast - I've never been (obviously!) but want to visit to see all of the history and beauty!
Alaska - My sister just got back from driving her friend from Alaska to Texas to help her move.  I saw pictures and now I wanna go!!

Thanks for stopping by!  

I hope you have a great short week :)

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Peek at My SHORT Week!

This week is only a four day week!

Today was wonderful.

Labor day.

A sweet taste of what summer used to be (oh-so-long-ago!)

I'm here to link up with Mrs. Wills for a peek at my week!

This week I even have links for you.  

It's amazing what a three day weekend can do for you.


In Math we are starting our Module 2 from Go Math.  
We are still adjusting to the new curriculum but I like it so far.

In Science we are finishing up our Scientific Process lessons. 
I made a few posters for the process which you can find here.

In Social Studies we are beginning our Good Citizenship Unit.  I have to say, I am not very pleased with the products on TPT for this topic.  Does anyone have a good resource they would like to share?  I am all ears!

In Reading this week we are starting Lucy Calkin's Reader's Workshop.
You can find that great resource here!
We are also beginning our Flat Stanley Unit which I am beyond thrilled about!!

In Writing we are finishing up our workshop routines and adding an expert list into our Writer's notebook.

We are also beginning our Reading and Math Rotations this week!! 

Keep your fingers crossed for me!  
It's going to be a quick, action packed week!

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