Monday, December 2, 2013

Currently Christmas!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful normal Texas weather......
But the fire air conditioner is so delightful.....

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It's Currently Christmas Y'all!

- My partner teacher and I just finished choreographing our Christmas Program Song and Dance.  I will be listening to this song over and over and over again.

-I am loving my new morning schedule!  We switched up a few things, tweaked hear and there, and now things seem to flow so much better in the mornings!  I am able to make better use of my TA as well!

- As the holidays sneak up, I am aching and longing for a normal routine.  I have three weeks until Christmas break (don't get me wrong! I'm not complaining!)  The weeks will all be bombarded with MOY testing.  I'm finally to the point with this class where I can pull students during center time to teach I will have to pull them to assess them! It took us a LONG time for centers to not be cRaZy.  I tried almost everything.  And finally something worked!  I just want to cruise with this feeling for a while and not be disrupted by holiday crazies.

- I want a real Christmas tree.  

- I need to order a few books.  One Professional Development Book.  Some other Classroom Books.  

My favorite Christmas Tradition will hopefully be Elf on the Shelf (I'm starting it this year with my classroom).  But as far as my family goes, I absolutely love drinking wassle on Christmas Eve at my Grandmother's house.  There's just something about the smells and the warmth that feel like Christmas.

Well, looking back on this month, I can say with confidence I am not all "that bad" when it comes to blogging.

Switching grade levels has really taken some getting used to. 

I think when I look back on this year of blogging (or lack of) I will be able to say, "I tried my little heart out."

If only I could get it right, Ryan!

And of course this sums up my life as a teacher.

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