Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Currently Back to School! 

I know that we usually begin our currently posts with "how'd another month go by?" And "who stole July?"

But seriously!

Summer called. It wants you back.

I am currently listening to the Magnolia Soundtrack.  Good stuff.

I am currently loving marriage.  I just went to a friend's wedding, which reminds me of my own wedding.  I have an awesome husband who calms me down when I am feeling so overwhelmed (ahem) with school.

I am currently thinking of my new students.  They will be a part of my life very soon.  I hope there is enough love in my heart....last years kiddos might have stole it all away :)

I am currently wanting a bit more summer so that I feel prepared to start the school year.  

I am currently needing a personal assistant.  Feeling behind and school hasn't even started yet!

Back to school must haves: 
(I have yet to find curtains to cover my huge metal shelf or my window. Last year I made curtains on my sewing machine...but this year I know I don't have that kind of time!)

- Plastic Containers
(I have a lot of organizing to do.)

- Coffee
(It's hard to break the pattern of sleeping in.)

Back to we come!

Does anyone have any words of wisdom for a girl heading to staff development tomorrow?

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  1. A personal assistant...that would be wonderful!

    Rosie's Rambles

  2. Would you need encouragement for Staff Development if it were a Leach's Literacy Training? :)
    You go back so EARLY! Yikes!