Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Student

I  got a new student on Wednesday.

Brand new.

Brand our school.

Brand new….to Read to Self.

Brand new….to Partner Reading.

Brand new… Word Work.

Brand new….to Listen to Reading.

Brand new… Writer's Workshop.

Brand new… Math centers.


After 34 days of training, teaching, modeling, building our stamina, and modeling some more my students were getting the hang of it. (More than getting the hang of it…they were ROCKIN OUT at the Daily 5!)

This week I was challenged with the task of starting from scratch with one student while maintaining the rest of my student's routines and behaviors. It was as if we all forgot what the expectations were.  I had so many students raising their hands and coming up to me with questions- which we had NOT done in the past!)

Let me tell you, I was overwhelmed.  Playing catch up and expecting to squeeze 34 days worth of instruction and routines into this student's first day was NOT happening well.

Today, I ran across an article on the Sister's website that eased my worries.

Here's what they recommended:

1. Model, review, and Model again.  There is no harm in having students model the correct and not correct way to read again.  It benefits all students!

2. Provide your new student with a buddy.  This relationship should act like a "shadow" (much like you would see as a new waitress in training).  The new student will follow the veteran student around during the D5.  This is a chance for the helper to explain the whys and hows with a whisper in the ear.  That way, the teacher is able to conference with others and not break her routine. (Brilliant idea!)

3. Model, review, and model again!

I'm wondering what you do when you get a new student?

Do you have any helpful tips for me?

I'd love your feedback!

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