Sunday, June 2, 2013

Currently Summer is Here!

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Can you believe it?  

May is gone and June has swooped in...saving the day!

Just when I thought the end was so far away and summer was a long lost relative....

It is HERE!



Put your party pants on!

It's time to celebrate!

For all of the teachers who have not tasted the sweet release of summer, go here to get a survival laugh!  

I saw this on a blogger friend's facebook page and just.about.died laughing while reading it!  

I know teachers have it bad come May, but I've never thought about the perspective of a parent who is in survival mode!  

Hang in there.

Now, time for the party....Farley's Party!

* Since I am out for summer (well...I technically have two more days of staff meetings and training on Monday and Tuesday....but who's counting anymore?) I decided to catch up on movies I haven't seen.  I rented Argo this weekend and would recommend it to you if you haven't seen it!  

* I am loving summer!  End of story.  Period.  The end.

* I have about a million to do lists floating around in my head that I need to put down on paper before my summer fever gets the best of me!  I am teaching summer school for four weeks, hosting a bachelorette party, planning my sister's birthday, moving classrooms, moving grade levels, meeting up with a long lost teaching sister, along with pinterest-inspired projects and relaxing at the pool!

* I want to travel.  Everyday I get a friendly little email from livingsocial with a travel deal.  It is killing me softly.

* I just recently finished reading Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella.  Great book if you want a purely entertaining read.  Now I need another.  I also need to get my book list for Professional Reading this summer.  Any advice?  I'm always looking for good book recommendations!

* My 3 vacation essentials are a good book, wine, and sunscreen.  Good Book? See above.  Wine?  Duh!  Sunscreen?  Let's just say fair-skinned redheaded freckled girls don't tan that easily!

Seeing that I don't have a vacation lined up yet, where is your favorite vacation spot? 

-The Frizz in First Second


  1. I loved Arrgo and would second you in recommending it to anyone who hasn't seen it. I want to travel also, but not sure much of that will happen! I am your newest follower!

    Rosie's Rambles

  2. I loved Argo! I may have a small Ben Affleck crush. I'm a lounge by the beach with a good book kind of gal, but my husband and I are taking a trip to Boston and Cape Cod this summer, and I can't wait!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  3. I definitely need to catch up on movies too! I bought Django as soon as it came out because I wanted to see it. That was back in April. I STILL haven't watched it!!

    Creating & Teaching

  4. Thanks for sharing your book reads! I'm going to add it to my list. Wine and sunscreen! Sounds good to me!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  5. I am simply loving that it's summer for me, too! :)

    Adventures in First with Mrs. Key

  6. Books:
    When Crickets Cry
    The Mountain Between Us
    The Kitchen House
    Lucia, Lucia

    Vacation Spot:
    ROCKPORT or Port A