Monday, July 1, 2013

Currently July


I'm linking up with Farley again to tell you what I'm currently doing.  

I cannot believe it is already July. JULY! 

June, where did you go?

Can somebody tell me where the brakes are located? I need to slow this summer train down.

Way down.

Down town.

Downtown, Mr. Brown.

(and I digress.)

I blame it on the pinterest and tv.

Most of this is self explanatory.

My husband and I signed up for a free month of Spotify so I get to listen to all the Adele and Amy Winehouse I want except for when the Mr. is around. 

I'm teaching summer school these days, which means I wake up early, spend the morning with the kiddos, come home for lunch and have the afternoons all to myself!  I could get used to this kind of teaching!

Yesterday we got a new new-to-us sofa and matching chair that we put upstairs in the spare bedroom.  The husband and I started daydreaming of what it would be like to switch our bedroom with the extra room.  We just might rearrange our entire apartment for the last year we will live there.  What an adventure!

My school is being renovated (hip hip horray!) which means we are not allowed inside (whomp.whomp.)  There's a rumor that they will be close to finished next week, and that we might be able to get back in the week after that!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Needing to make dr. appointments. Am I the only one who schedules all the meetings during the summer?  I hate taking off school to go visit the girly dr.  That is the last thing I want to write sub plans for! Can I get an amen?

Since I am new to this (I will celebrate my one year blogaversary next Tuesday so bring your party hats!) the only advice I have to offer is BLOG baby BLOG! I think the more you do it, the better you will get.  At least that's what the girly dr tells me I'm hoping for!

Now I'm off to type up the summer school assessment.  I had cut and pasted from different materials I had to make the test, but when the master copy went to be copied, it printed so light the kids could not read some of the answers!  The easiest way to fix that was to RE-TYPE everything! (Yes, I work way harder not smarter.)

I will leave you with my lifesavers.

These products have SAVED my life teaching summer school to EOY 2nd graders!

Around the Room
2nd Grade Common Core Cumulative Math Review Activity
by Second Story Window

Summary: Includes 30 questions to post around the room as well as a handy dandy recording sheet.
This is perfect for a review, reteach, or mini-assessment!

2nd Grade Common Core Morning Work Book
by Second Story Window

Summary: We use this as our Do Now every day (or bell ringer).  It includes Math and Reading concepts.  Has a great spiraling set of skills.  
This is probably my FAVORITE product I have purchased EVER!

Finding Proof! Citing Evidence! Making Inferences! Using Context Clues!
by Lisa Mattes

Summary: This pack is full of helpful comprehension strategies and stories.  This guides students in becoming better readers.

Reading Comprehension Practice Pack 2
Non Fiction Edition
by Christine Stazel

Summary: Nonfiction stories with four multiple choice questions (recalling details) and one short answer questions (making connections).  A great resource.

Click the pictures to check them out! 

RIP Google Reader.

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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming Blogaversary! I have really slacked during my first year, but I hope to improve this year. I will definitely be following your blog and checking out those second grade resources since this will be my first time teaching the grade level in my eight years of teaching.
    The Traveling Teacher

  2. Love, love, love the advice! Blog. Be yourself. Blog. Repeat.


    Your newest follower,
    MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

  3. First - thanks you soooo much for linking up with me.
    Second - Love your name. The Magic Schoolbus was my fave as a kid.


  4. I loved teaching second grade!! Of course, I was transferred to fourth after I fell in love with second, and now I'm in first (which I absolutely adore!!). Good luck with your transition! I'm not changing grades this year, but I am changing classrooms. I feel you on wanting to get into the new room!

    First Grade with Ms. Dawley