Monday, July 9, 2012

New Blog and a New Look

Welcome to the Frizz in First Grade.  

 New Blog!  New Look! New Adventures!

"Why do you have a new blog?" you ask.

Let's just say that my husband is to playing Fifa as I am to blog stalking.

After blogging about first grade adventures and stalking first grade bloggers for about a year, I realized there is more to life.

Plain and simple:
I was jealous of all of the cute teacher blogs I was reading and thought my blog was hideous
(no offense google templates)  

After doing some research, playing around on our new macbook pro for HOURS days, and giving up completely on my old blog due to the headache from my sidebars, I can get some sleep at night!

Hip Hip Hooray!

I have a LONG way to go with blogging!  I've got a while until my thirties, and I am way behind on the technology wagon.  Please, please, be patient as I experiment with my background, banner, buttons, photos, fonts, and more.

Any tips, comments, or feedback along the way is welcome!  They don't teach you this on the education track in college, and a girl has got to learn somehow!

I hope you hang around for a while, enjoy my blog, and come back to see me.


-The Frizz

P.S.  I know. I don't have a cute signature yet. Give it time :)


  1. Yay! I like your new blog- it's pretty darn cute!

  2. I'm new to blogging, too! Your blog looks great, and I am getting ready to read your post on Math Exchanges... my colleague LOVES that book!

    I've given you an award. Check my blog to nap it :)

    Miss Fuerst's Reading Adventures

  3. Look at the one I made this summer.

    The audience is geared more toward parents though... Let me know what you think!