Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Made it Monday* and a Linky Party

Greetings Bloggers!

I've been busy at a training for the past two days that a neighboring district invited me to.  Can you believe I have SEVEN days until I start school???  SEVEN!  EEKK!  Good thing I went to the pool today after my training.  I will just say that I came away with two great resources today (not from the pool, the training)!

Have you heard of Dr. Ruby Payne?  If you haven't, you should check out her books, Research Based Strategies or Understanding Poverty.  Very good information for teachers who work with middle class, wealthy, or poor students. More on that later.

I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Made It Monday.

It seems like I am always the last to do everything in blog land!  Better late than never :)

Look at what I made*

*(repainted counts as making something in my book!)

$10 easel from a thrift store I bought last summer!

I decided it was time to pull it out of the closet and actually use it!

I know most teachers get to have one of those nice easels from Lakeshore Learning that costs $$$,
but this will be gold at my school!

I decided to keep the cute little frog because it's green!

My listening center headphone rack.
My husband talked me into painting it orange- even though it's my least favorite color, I think it turned out pretty cute!

Forgot to snag a photo of the before.  It was originally 50 shades of blue (see 2 photos below).

Finished product!

Here is the fabric to hide the *organized* clutter- I still need to hem it up.
Hand-me-down shelf.
Orignal color.  50 shades?

Hip Hip Hurray!

In other news….

 Teaching with Moxie is hosting her first ever Linky Party!  I am so excited to join!  I have been desperately (and unsuccessfully) trying to find *FREE* information about Daily Five Math.  My team teacher and I decided to just go for it this year based on what we knew about ELA D5. 

I am excited to share what we will be doing the first few weeks with you in a future post, but I am much more excited to learn from YOU!  

Be sure to link up (HERE)!

Thanks for stopping by!
-The Frizz


  1. So glad you mentioned Dr. Ruby Payne! I was raised in extreme poverty (severe drug abuse, welfare, abuse, etc), but through the encouragement and prayers from my teachers I managed to make it to/through college. I had an incredibly difficult time adjusting to a "middle-class" institution like college! I was so blessed that have Dr. Payne's book as required reading for one of my classes. It helped me evaluate my values and learned to adapt and become a participant in a different "society". It's so difficult to break the cycle of poverty and sense of entitlement...I wish more teachers would read/learn about this issue. :) I hope you share more! I'm following you! :)

    Once Upon a Third Grade Class