Saturday, August 4, 2012

Attention Texas Teachers

Howdy Bloggers!

Do you drink coke instead of soda or pop?

Are you fix'n to go to the store instead of fix'n things that are broken?

Do you wear cowboy boots and wranglers?

Do you find yourself saying Yeehaw and fine tooting?

You weren't born in Texas, but you got here as soon as you could?

Does the word ya'll roll off the tongue?

Do you have a cousin, brother, nephew, and uncle named Bubba?

Do you eat dinner for lunch and supper for dinner?

Are you a teacher in Texas?

If you said YES to one of the above questions (preferably the last one) LISTEN HERE:

Diane over at Teaching with Moxie is putting together a 
Texas Teacher Blog List!  
Click here or visit her blog for more details!


The Frizz

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  1. Frizz,
    You are one awesome blogger friend! Thanks for helping me spread the word. I think my link is fixed now (I feel so silly)! I have you on the list!

    Teaching with Moxie