Friday, May 17, 2013

Five for Friday Giveaway!

1. Today we went on a field trip to our local farm!  It was a blast we all learned a lot, and no one broke an egg!  Did you know that honey is bee throw-up?

2. I am hosting a giveaway this week for the quietest pencil sharpener in town!  Enter below:

3. I have been hard at work on re-organizing my teacher files.  I have pulled all of my 1st grade files and am now working to stay organized for 2nd grade.  I still need some cutsie labels that are edible.  Anyone have a link for me?

4. This past weekend was Mother's Day.  In honor of our mother, we traveled to see our grandmother and spent the day with family!  It was so great to all be together again. 

5. My parents collect lots of things.  
I mean, they're not going to go on the Hoarders show or anything, but it's a little cluttery in their house.  
This is usually not a good thing, but this time it has worked to the advantage for my classroom.  
They gave me a pot of gold for word work! My students type their spelling words into the phones and then record their work!

Do you remember the time when cell phones had antennas? 

Call me Maybe?

-The Frizz


  1. I am TOTALLY asking for old cell phones in next week's newsletter! I love the idea of texting their spelling words! Thanks for the tip!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. I DID know honey was bee throw up....but only after reading the Scholastic Newspaper last month. :) Love the cellphone idea!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  3. i have enough old cell phones if I can remember where I stashed them! Great idea. I'm a new follower! My first grade buddy would love me to win that pencil sharpener 'cuz I use hers every day! Ha! thanks and glad I found you!

  4. We have a container of pencils ta each table. Every morning before school the adults sharpen pencils.

  5. I remember when cell phones were GIANT! And before cell phones... pagers. hahahaha Oh this generation. How will they ever know the trials we went through to get them to the smartphones and iphones? :)


  6. My friend Shari Sloane has another phone center... you can read about it on this page (scroll down aways for the Telephone Center)

    I always used cells for "Phone a Friend". Kids call one another up, and practice having a conversation- it really is a lost art. They have some prompts for starting the conversation, but they are responsible for continuing it with their phone partner. Then they write a few facts they learned about the person to document the talk.

    Miss you- but see you soon. Like really soon!