Sunday, November 10, 2013

2nd Grade Sight Word Book


I have recently added this pack to TPT for FREE!  

My students have been using this sight word book since the beginning of school.  

With lots of practice, we are becoming experts at reading sight words!

This little teacher also has a concrete idea of which students are experts and which students need more practice.

Click the picture to get your copy.

Read below for how to use this pack.

Here's what the front of the student booklet's look like.

I have found that highlighting each list once student's have mastered it works better than putting a sticker on the circle.  

These books get a lot of love in second grade.

The stickers tend to fall off.

When you open up the booklet, you will see one list (I cut each page in half on the black line.)

I have my teacher copy of each list for every student in my binder.

It looks like this:

At the end of two weeks, I ask the students to read me list 1.

I place a check in the Try 1 box if the student reads the word correctly within three second.

If the student makes an error, I have enough room to write the error. 
This helps me know how to better teach the student the sight word.

You can go through one list per week, one list every two weeks, or two lists every week. 

It really just depends on your learners.

These words come from the Dolch 2nd Grade list.  
There are 100 words total within the ten list pack.

If a student does not master the word on the first try the first week, we come back and check on that word later. 
 I have provided three tries for that reason.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or comment below!

I would love for this resource to be as useful in your classroom as it is for us!

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