Friday, March 29, 2013

Five for Friday Flashback! 3.29

Today is Good Friday.  And it really is a good friday!  I am enjoying my day off from work.  I have tidied up a bit and taken care of some housekeeping things that I never have time for during a normal school week.  Today, I'm linking up with two wonderful bloggers to share my random 5 photos from the week! Click on the graphics to link up.

Let's get started!

I found this book in the office while I was tutoring this week.  This year I have picked up a few more dollars hours and tutor on the side.  I chuckled to myself and sent this picture to my husband.  While we were dating, he bought me the book How to Win Friends and Influence People, which is one of his favorites.  I found it cute that someone had made a little version of this for kids! 

I reorganized my reading centers this week.  Since it was only a 3 day week for us, we practiced the centers.  We raced against the clock during clean up time and we worked really hard at getting started quickly.  This was very beneficial because I was able to reinforce the procedures and iron out any hiccups along the way.  We then discussed the issues whole group and came up with solutions.  I feel confident they are prepared for the real deal next week.

I know you are judging my anchor chart *cuteness* right now. But I have come to admit that I have a problem. Hi, my name is Miss Frizz and I can't make my anchor charts look cute. thankyouverymuch.

My friend over at Leach Teach posted a mini lesson about Fluent/Not Fluent reading.  Check it out here.  

It inspired me to use this short week to discuss fluency again.  My lessons were as followed:
Day 1: Model not fluent reading using the book below.  My students told me all of the things that were wrong with the way I read. We made an anchor chart of this.
Extension: During Read to Self (which follows right after my mini lessons), I encouraged my students to NOT read this way.  I passed out our whisper phones so that students could decide what kind of reading they were doing.

Day Two: I read the same book fluently this time. (Note: I only read the first few pages...not the entire book.  For "mini-lessons" sake!)  After listening, my students named all of the things I did right.  I recorded it on our anchor chart.

Extension:  On Day two, during Read to Self I called students one by one to my back table.  I used the same book (There's a Fly Guy in My Soup) and had the student practice reading the first few pages.  Once they felt comfortable with all the words, I recorded their reading using the Voice Memo App on our classroom Ipod Touches.

After recording, the students listened to their reading (with headphones on, of course!) and accessed if they were fluent or not fluent.  My students absolutely LOVED this little activity.  Watching their faces as they listen to their little voices is precious.  If my students decided they were fluently reading, they could also tell me why.  If they chose not fluent, they could also tell me why and we recorded them again so they could feel the success of reading fluently.  

If you have a smart phone, ipod touch, or ipad, I encourage you to try this with your students!

On Thursday, a parent who was volunteering for our Egg Hunt made a sonic run.  This was waiting for me at lunchtime!  It couldn't have come at a better time!  Egg hunts are so exciting I tell you. Soexciting! 

One of my team teacher's students was throwing away trash in the trashcan (which is located in between our classroom spaces....remember we share one room.)  He walked up to me as I was teaching a small group of students.  In the smack.dab.middle of my wonderful chaotic lesson, he says to me "We are going on an egg hunt today!" and walks off.  
Thank you captain obvious.  I had no idea.  Based on the way my students wiggling with excitement and chatting away like crazy....I thought it was a normal day.  It cracked me up and made me giggle to myself. 

Our egg hunt!  
It lasted a total of two minutes, but fun was had by all!  
A parent on our GEO committee suggested we have the students bring egg cartons instead of bulky baskets.  This was a brilliant idea!  Once the egg hunt was over, we looked inside the eggs, decorated our cartons, taped them closed, and put them away in our backpacks.  They were out of mind out of site hidden for the rest of the day! Back to learning. Viola! 


Some of you were asking about how my meeting with my Superintendents went a few weeks back.    I can finally update you and tell you it went as well as I could have ever hoped!  I had requested something, and they granted it. Only there is a catch. (of course!) I have a decision to make and they have a decision to make.  

Needless to say, there will be some BIG changes going on with The Frizz in First Grade for next year.  
And I mean 
(Well, okay maybe not that big.)

Once all of the details have been figured out, I will be sharing what's up.  

Until then, say some prayers and keep me in your thoughts because change is scary!

Hoppy Easter to ya!


  1. Wishing we could have an Easter party or hunt like they did back when I was in school. Ya'll are so lucky! Your anchor charts are serving their purpose. Besides, the kids probalby don't mind if they are cute or not! Great fluency idea too.

    For the Love of First Grade

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog!! I enjoyed reading your post and love your school bus blog background! I'll be back! Happy Easter~
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  3. You are so funny. I was thinking...oh i like tht anchor chart...and then i read your caption. Ha!

    Great idea.
    Curious firsties

  4. Anchor Charts have gone to the EXTREME! They are NOT supposed to be cute and pre-fab! So you just settle down and be proud of your EFFECTIVE anchor chart! If it makes you feel better- I had someone DRAW mine for me on that blog post.