Sunday, March 31, 2013

Currently My Favorite....

Can you believe it's already APRIL!  
Time really flies by when you are having fun a busy teacher!

Listening: Parenthood...yet again!  I am ashamed to admit that I may have watched 8 episodes this Easter Break.....and it might have been all in one day......Hi. My name is Miss Frizz and I have a problem.....

Loving: My new TPT products. Well, not mine as in I made them, but mine as in I purchased them.

Check them out! Click the picture to visit the TPT link.

I have been printing, laminating, and cutting all day long!  Happy Easter to me :)

Thinking: About my upcoming observation.  Our window opens tomorrow...and no, that's not an April Fool's Joke!  I would prefer informal feedback over a formal observation any day!

Wanting: Another day off!  Two hoots for all of you bloggers who are off school tomorrow.  Keep me in your thoughts.  The husband is off at a friends house playing games...while I am stuck at home blog stalking preparing for the work week.  Boo.

Needing: A blog tutor.  I seriously need some help.  Anyone want to sign up to help me figure things out?  I can pay you in crayons and pencils.....

Advice: If at first you don't succeed, try try again!  I say this to my students all.the.time.  Especially after reading the Little Engine that Could.  I tell this to myself all.the.time too.  It's better to try and fail than to not try at all!

And now for a few of my favorite things....

Favorite Place to Shop: Thrift Stores!  There's nothing better than "poppin tags" on a dime!

Favorite TV Show: 


Favorite Sweet Treat:

Favorite Food:

Favorite Restaurant: 
Google Image
This isn't my favorite restaurant (although I have visit this one with our friends who live in Dallas!), but my husband and I do love visit all of the local Taqueria restaurants.

Whew....enough about me!  
What about you?  
What's currently your favorite?


  1. Love your Currently & so excited to find another first grade blogger:) I would love another day off, too...we have one more week 'til Spring Break & I couldn't be more ready! :) Good luck with your observation!!

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. I just got over my observation (like it's a sickeness, lol) thank goodness. I love finding those amazing TPT products where I don't mind all the cutting and laminating. My students do too! What do you need help with in the blog world? I'm no expert but I have made my fair share of boos boos to figure my way around and will try and help out any way I can. Good luck with your observation, you'll be awesome! I'm excited to be your newest follower!

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

  3. Yum! Tortellini! :) Thanks for sharing your favorites with us all! :) I think this linky is so fun! :) I love meeting new people! :) I just got off Spring Break and really need to hit the sheets, but...I wanted to meet one more new person! :) Glad I found you! :) I teach first too! :)


    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  4. I will have to check out your new products on TPT! How cool! Don't you love when you can sit back and say, "Ahhhhh! Job well done!"?

    If you figure out how to squeeze more days out of Spring Break, be sure to let me know!

  5. I'm still waiting for my observation too! Congrats on finish your new tpt product! :-)

  6. Hey Frizz! I too LOVE Parenthood! BEST show. Do you watch Downton Abbey... that may be next on your addiction! I am starting season two on Netflix. YOU reminded me to do the Currently... way to be on top of things!
    Miss you.

  7. I am sure your observation will go fabulously! I was just observed a few weeks ago, and I was super nervous, so I understand. But I'm sure you will do GREAT! And then it will all be over with for a little while! :-)

    Blooming In First

  8. Is Parenthood back? That makes me so happy! Let me know if If I can help with the blog (tutoring). I do not know much, but we can learn together :)
    My Second Sense

  9. I think I start off every currently stumped how another month has yet f-l-o-w-n by!! Shoot me an email if there's something you need help with...I can certainly try to figure things out if I don't already know! (I emailed to dontate to your giveaway too---congrats!!)

    For the Love of First Grade