Friday, April 5, 2013

5 for Friday Flashback! 4.5

It has been a long week!  I can't believe that Easter was just.last.weekend.  As in five days ago! CRAZY!  

I'm linking up with Teaching Maddeness and Doodle Bugs Teachings for a look back at my week.

This is my happy place.  I decided to spend some time with Annie (my sewing machine).  I had to take a trip to the fabric store before I started.  I like to think of it like I was buying a new dress for a's not like I don't have fabric I could use at home, but I really want to impress my date :)

Shhhh....don't tell my friend, but I made this for her birthday that is tomorrow!  She is turning 21 (*WHAT!*).  It's a cute little travel/make-up bag.  
Yes, it has a zipper, which makes me a pretty legit seamstress.  

I made my first quilt on Saturday!  
It was way easier than I thought probably because I cheated and bought the precut fabric. 

I have BIG plans this summer to make a quilt for our QUEEN size bed.  BIG PLANS I tell you.....

I had a training on Thursday over how to engage students in Science.  

I learned how to make this pocket in a journal....

and. that's. it.

That's all I learned after five hours of training. 

But it was all good (as Pete the Cat would say) because I got to spend the day with my team teacher from my old school!  

This week we have been learning about the Maya, Aztecs, and Incas in Social Studies.  For art, we made an Aztec Sculpture out of play dough   I was SO impressed with the creativity my students had when creating their sculpture!  

When I whipped out the play dough, I heard so many gasps!  Sometimes I forget that my students are still little kids :)

I am putting the finishing touches onto my 100+ follower giveaway!  
Expect it shortly!  
So far, I have 12 fabulous bloggers who have offered some pretty amazing TPT products!  I've had so much fun learning the ins and outs of a giveaway.

UPDATE:  Click the picture to enter the giveaway!

I say WEEK! - you say END!



  1. I wish I could sew. I used to know the basics, but sadly I didn't keep up with it and I forgot everything.
    Congrats on your 100 followers! I am your newest one. =)

    K-3 Connection

  2. Lovin' all the crafts this week!! So much fun. It is going to inspire me and I just don't have time right now :)
    Hope you post a pic of your new dress!


    Curious Firsties

  3. Way to go! I wish I could sew! I think I signed up to donate but can't remember! How can I check??

  4. Wow - I am crazy impressed with your sewing skills! And I love that you a) named your machine and b) buy fabric as if you're on a date! That's awesome! Oh, and I hate those lame trainings where you learn nothing {and are constantly thinking of how you could be using your time better!}

    Lucky to Be in First!

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  6. Wow! I am super impressed with your sewing skills. Also, I am really happy you named your sewing name. I am in the process of name my plant and some people think I am crazy. It's perfectly normal, right??? :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  7. Do I dare ask where the training was? That's a really great pocket! You could use those in Writer's Notebooks too! :)