Friday, April 26, 2013

I've Got a Feeling...Oooo...

Yesterday I started a new behavior incentive.

You may have heard of it recently.  

(drum roll please)

*The Mystery Student*
*Secret Student*

   I first read about it last year on Teeny's blog here.  Which led me to the original source here.

But then I slept and switched schools and watched four seasons of Parenthood, and cried and cried and cried, and then I forgot all about it.

Until Mrs. Pauley reminded me about it here.

Here's the rundown:
1. Pick a random student. (The first day you might want to "rig" it and pick a well-behaved student.)
2. Write their name down somewhere but don't show your students who it is.
I wrote mine down on a laminated green crayon cut out because it was what I had lying around green is my favorite color.  My team teacher wrote hers down on a sticky note.  You could use a fancy-dancy award like this:

or just anything really.
3. At the beginning of the school day, make a really big deal about this Secret (Or Mysterious) name.  Get the kids really reved up and curious.  *And here's the kicker* if the student had a good day, they get XYorZ. 

I decided "good" meant green or higher on the behavior chart.  You can make it work for whatever system you have in place.  

My "prize" was that they could pick out of my Behavior Catalog.  These things are not prizes like a toy from McD's.  They are EASY items like 
-help a teacher
-cool cat in the hat (wear a hat to school the next day)
-swip swap a desk
-invite a stuffed animal to sit with you

By the time I got to step three, I had jaws dropping all over my classroom.  

4. When you noticed students are *ahem* not doing their best, mention the Mystery Student and VIOLA! everyone is suddenly doing their best.

The only thing I have a minor problem with is when we reveal who it is, some students get upset it wasn't their name on the crayon.  After day on of pouting our way to carpool, I reassured the class that everyone will get their name on it eventually.

I'm curious, have you tried this management technique? 

On Sunday night, Mr. Husband and I were roadies for our friends who are in a real band.  We kept up their merch table while they played and we got in for free! I also learned the difference between a roadie and a groupie.  
I am NOT a groupie, but am a roadie.  
Do you know the difference?

Every day, the first 30 minutes is spent during "Enrichment".  This is worth another blog post, so I won't spoil it today but will give you the short and sweet version.

I have eleven kinder and first graders and we have to work on Math during this time.  My students have a very big range of social and academic skills.  I dread planning for this time of the day.  Nothing I have tried works...and I have tried almost everything.

Today, I tried playing the game Scoot with math facts......AND IT WORKED!

Students worked in pairs to write down as many math facts with their number.  I timed them for one minute.  Then we "scoot"-ed to the next number.  

Everyone was happy. Including the teacher!

While we were eating lunch today, this happened to my team teacher:

She dropped her phone in her chili cheese dog! 

(And then she proceeded to ask me to take a photo of it!)

We laughed and laughed and laughed about it.  And then she picked it up and started panicking because it wasn't working right.  There was chili in all the cracks.
We stopped laughing a little until she cleaned it off.  

Turns out, everything is fine.
And then she enjoyed the rest of her chili cheese dog!

Today we ended the day by laying on the floor and singing songs (with the help of our projector)!  

This is one of my the student's new favorite songs. I have to admit.  I like this song (possibly more than my students do). It goes to the tune of I've Got A Feeling by the BEPs....and BOY is it catchy!
Type in "Gotta Keep Reading" on youtube.  

Happy Friday Friends!

-The Frizz


  1. Oh my goodness, I love that video!! I've played it for my kids in previous years. Thanks for reminding me, my kids have always loved it too!!! :)

    Surviving the Little People

  2. I've been doing the mystery student for a couple of weeks now... although I have to be honest, I have forgotten a couple of times. I put all their names on a popsicle stick and then I choose one to put in a cup. There have been days where the mystery student did not meet my expectations, but mostly they love it. I put 2 sticks in there that have "whole class" on it... boy were they ecstatic on that day when the whole class was really well behaved. My winner goes to the prize box. I think I am also going to put their table names in since I have a couple table groups that have become quite chatty. It is a fun behavior technique :)

    Have a good weekend!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  3. Your enrichment idea is genius! I love it & totally going to find a way to work that into my morning routine some days! Looking forward to reading more about it!

    Lucky to Be in First

  4. I can't wait to show the students that video! I haven't done the mystery student, right now we are doing the Fries Prize, but I will write that down for next year! I have a class of 30 coming in and will need many different behavior management techniques I am sure! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Enjoyed your post and I am interested in the behavior management idea...hmmm...:)
    Curious Firsties

  6. Just found your blog through Friday Flashback and have become a follower! Enjoyed reading about your week--so glad Scoot worked for you! I'll be back...

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers

  7. Everything classroom in here- makes me want to be A STUDENT IN YOUR ROOM or a TEACHER on your TEAM! And everything fun in here (like OMG- you are a roadie?!) makes me want to be your friend! Oh wait.. we are friends- we just live TOO stinking far away from each other!

  8. I love your secret student idea! Just found your blog & I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog