Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Highs and Lows Linky: January

I'm linking up with Katie
 over at Teacher to the Core for a fun monthly linky.

Teacher to the Core

I love that she explained this linky as 

"Share pictures… spill the beans… let that cat out of the bag!

Let us high five and hug you with the stories you share.

Let the comments you receive be your both

 "Oscar Moment" and your free therapy."

Don't we all need a little bit of both every now and then?

Here's my Oscar Moment:

I reached 50 followers this month!

I feel so blessed and honored to have real readers (I'm not talking to myself anymore!) who comment and give me feedback.  

How encouraging!
I have gained so much from following all of your blogs.  
It feels good to be able to give back a little.

And now for my therapy session.  By the way, how much will this session cost?  Do you take credit card, cash, check, or can I pay you in blog comments?

Mr. Hubby and I celebrating my 25 birthday.
After about 5 tries, his eyes were finally open!

I turned 25 this month. 
Cry me a river, bring on the tissues, and make a boat out of the empty boxes so I can float this river of tears......

BAH! Just kidding, I am, in no way, sad about that event.

Seriously, here's my real low:

The first two days back from Christmas Break, I lost two of my sweetest students.  They both moved away without much warning.  These girls, individually, were two of the most compassionate, caring, unique, and loving children I have ever met.  I feel blessed to have gotten to share a space with them for five months.

Their absence left a huge hole in our classroom heart that is still being repaired.

That left ten students in my class.  
Ten is a small number.  That doesn't leave too many options for friends.

We shed a few tears and grieved over these events.  

We all needed a little help to continue on without them.

Some of my students are still not over it.  They talk about the students daily with sad eyes and a heavy heart. I don't remember a close friend ever moving away when I was younger, but it happened two years ago and I am still an emotional wreck when I get to missing her.  
People move away. 
 It's a part of life, but that doesn't make things better.  

It's hard growing up.

Without these two students, I have noticed a shift in my classroom.  The girls definitely bicker more often (our peacekeeper is gone) and the general mental health of our classroom has declined (mainly their teacher's).

There is an upside to the story.  (I'm sure you are bawling your little eyes out for me right now huh? "Bless her little heart she only has ten students now...poor thing...would you please pass the tissues....and the chocolates?" )  One student relocated to our sister school, and we have planned to become pen pals with that class.  The teachers are even thinking about having a pen-pal meet up/field trip so that friendships can outlast the distance!  

As Pete the Cat would say, "It's all good."

I'm wondering, how do you and your students cope with students who move away and the ever-changing classroom dynamics?  Any tips or advice is welcomed!

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  1. Aw... I cannot relate to the "ten students" part. But one of my students moved over the Christmas break and we are so sad that he is gone. He lit up our classroom! My students are still writing him letters. One boy last week wrote, "my besfrever" (my best friend ever). Our class family is not the same. :(

  2. Congrats on 50!
    Wow! Only 10 students. The only time I had that few was when the chicken pox were going around, and I only had 7 students for one day!

    I do understand about moving. My neighbors moved just before Christmas, and our kids had been friends since they were 2, for six years. We had 3 boys surrounding our house, and he was the peacekeeper of the four. It is definitely a different dynamic in the neighborhood now.

    Hope things get better for you in your classroom!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  3. Congrats on your followers! It is always hard when those sweet, precious kiddos leave. The school I teach in has a high mobility rate so it is pretty common around here. One of the teachers I got to know through my undergrad courses though would do a special "talent show" for the kid moving on their last day. Not all the kids had to participate, but they could if they wanted to. The teacher would always make brownies for the students because she said that was her special talent. It didn't have to be an "act" it could have been something like making the brownies. A lot of times, we have no idea the student has moved from our school until after the fact. :(

    I am shocked you only have 10 students!! Can I come teach at your school??? j/k :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  4. Blogging has definitely been a highlight for me as well. I have gotten soooo much better as a teacher and reflector since I've started reading some amazing bloggers. Congrats on your followers!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  5. You turned 25 this month? I remember 25! It's a great year!! I promise! I turned 33 this month! When is your birthday?