Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We were on a break!

Anyone a Friends fan out there?  I love the running line between Ross and Rachel "We were on a break!" "We were NOT on a break!"

I think that sums up the past five months of my blogging history.

Some days, I was definitely on a break from all things teachery.

Other days I was not on a break from blogging.  (At least that's what I was telling myself.  But in reality I was.)

I was worn out.

I was tired.

I was feeling unsuccessful as a teacher.

I was without words to type anything of meaning to ya'll out there in blog world.

I was on a break.

But today, I am NOT on a break!

Today I am guest blogging over at Leach Teach with Melissa!

Click here to check out my plans for the first two weeks of writer's workshop AND grab our new writing pack for yourself!  Trust me, you will need this to get your students started with writing!

Cheers to Friends and breaks!
Lord knows we all need 'em.
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