Sunday, August 3, 2014

Currently off the horse!

I am currently fell off the horse, bumped my head on a rock, and am slowly regaining consciousness of my blog.  

Let's just say, last year was NOT a piece of cake.

I'm back on the horse-inspired by the beginning of school and my blogging buddy Melissa Leach.  

The only thing going into detail would be my new planner!  

Have ya'll read The Together Teacher?  

That's what I am basing my planner off of and I have a feeling it will be LIFE CHANGING for this little teacher.

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  1. Hello :) I’m from Texas, too! What part of you from? And yes, the weather feels WONDERFUL! I went to a concert at the Woodlands Friday night and was actually chilly… in August! Crazy! Woah. You go back very soon. I don’t go back until the 18th, and kids come on the 25th. I really need to get my lesson planning done as well! I know what skills I’m doing, just not the actual activities. I need to get on that! Hope you have an amazing year! Best of luck!

    Kasey H.

  2. We're having some crazy cool weather in NC too! I'm sitting in front of an open window quite happily. My electric bill will be exceptionally happy too!

  3. August 13th??!!! What? That is crazy! Awwww shucks! Glad to get you back to writing/blogging! Can't wait for our co- authored blog post and TpT product.