Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Meet the Teacher Night

Hello there!  

I'm here to tell you all about what I have in store for our Meet the Teacher night.  

Can you believe that school is just around the corner?  

Boy, where did summer go?  

If only the other 9 months would pass by as quickly as the summers, we'd all be in heaven.

At our school, Meet the Teacher night is a come and go event where parents and students can drop off school supplies, take a peek in their new room, and (of course) meet their new teacher.

When students enter the room, they will be prompted to find their name tag on the back table and pick a desk.  

Sidenote: This may be scary for some teachers (I know it was for me my first few years of teaching.  Can we say control freak?).  I think having students pick their own desk, possibly next to a friend from last year, gets rid of some jitters they might have about the first day of school.  They don't know, but after the first few days, I rearrange the desks anyways. :)

Students will then sort their supplies in the tubs at the back of the room.

We share all supplies in 2nd grade and divide them equally for students to use.

While students are sorting supplies, parents will fill out the Student Information Form.

Usually, this is something I print, copy, and place on the desks.

This year I am hoping to have parents take the packet home and return it on the first day of school.

Since our event is come and go, we are not required to give a formal presentation of any kind to parents.  I am planning on having a powerpoint running in the background to help answer any questions parents may have.  

This year I'll be using Kristen's powerpoint from her fabulous Edible Parent Presentation Pack.

It's free and wonderful!  

Click the picture to download it from her blog.

The last thing for parents and students on Meet the Teacher Night is a tasty treat!

I always want to thank them for coming.

This year I've created a little tag to be attached to popcorn.  
(I did not come up with this original cute idea, I simply wanted cute labels!)

Click on the picture to download the free labels!  
All you need to do is print one label per student and attach it to popcorn!

After all the parents and popcorn are gone, you can prop your feet up and dream about the beach dream about what a fabulous school year you will have with your new, precious kiddos.

What activities are you planning for meet the teacher?  
Are you required to give a formal presentation or is your school more relaxed?

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  1. My meet the teacher night is very similar...Sort supplies, parents fill out items, students check out the classroom, and a treat at the end. I'm doing the Lucky Charms things "I'm so lucky to have you", but I love your popcorn labels :) Have a great new school year!
    -Lovely Nina
    Lovely Nina Designs